When I was a small boy, my family moved into a tiny flat a few blocks from the beach in Torquay.

In those days it was a town of unsealed driveways, unfenced clifftops and unroadworthy station wagons.

I loved it.


I spent hours exploring under the gums, on the sand and along the cliffs. It was home.

Today this stretch of coast is a very different place but I haven't changed much. I still wander those same paths, eyes drawn to the wildlife and the water, the light and shade - but now I carry a camera.


Yes, another photographer in a world full of them. If you're looking for striking images of famed landmarks and locations - the lighthouses, gorges, rock formations, piers and promenades that are the favourites of so many photographers - you'll find plenty of them ... but not here.


What you'll find here is a quiet man trying to capture the quiet corners and passing moments that capture him - before they're all gone.


So, if you've found your way to this little corner of the internet, I'd like to wish you a warm welcome and a sincere thank you for passing by.